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Pilot program takes autism to the sky

Madison resident Paul Braun is an interesting man, not because he is a geographer and landscape architect, or because he is the father of a boy on the autism spectrum, but because he is marrying those two roles for the betterment of his child and others. Like Julie Sheldon (who saw a need for autistic children to have a controlled, low-stimulus visit with Santa and so created that opportunity for kids this past December), Braun is approaching his child’s need to see things from others’ perspectives and to learn to function in a monitored team environment by creating a project that will stretch the boy’s social skills, perceptions, and even his spirit.

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The mindset of letting go and moving on

I’m privileged to have been asked to give the keynote speech for the Athena Awards this March, when my topic will be “How I became the person I always wanted to marry.” It’s a motivational speech with additional comments included from other previous Athena Award winners about the maturing process some women (and men) go through to become the kind of person they once aspired to be associated with. And in selecting those messages, it occurred to me that there is equally important advice I could offer about developing the mindset it takes to sidestep marrying (let alone becoming) the kind of person one would later want to divorce.

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On the road with Stephanie Gander

Stephanie Gander, director of the area’s Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services program (EDS), was recently charged with securing a $100,000 canteen vehicle custom-built for the unit, whose mission is to assist first responders and victims during natural and man-made disasters. The Dane County Corps is penny conscious to a half cent, and she was able to secure money from divisional headquarters to assist in the (long-overdue) purchase. However, there was nothing in the budget to cover transportation of the vehicle from the manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania to Madison.

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Legalize gay marriage? This Christian votes yes

Yes, yes, I know… there shouldn’t be a question or headline about “gay marriage” in the first place (marriage is marriage, after all) but it’s common vernacular today to isolate who we want to discriminate against. I will check yes if, in fact, it ever comes to a vote of the populous to settle whether or not homosexual people should have the legal right to marry. I’ll be happy when marriage is legalized between consenting adults once and for all, through an amendment to the Constitution of the United States if necessary. And if you strongly object to legalizing “marriage” on religious grounds, can we at least agree to validate a “civil union” to get this long overdue train out of the station?

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My guilty pleasure: Watching one man get rejected 100 times

Okay, this isn’t a feminist blog; this post is about “Hope From Nope.” That’s the video blog wherein Jia Jiang posts videos of himself being turned down for “entrepreneurial adventures” such as lecturing a class (University of Austin), borrowing $100 bills from a bank for a paper airplane fight, and almost any other family-friendly scenario you can imagine.

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