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Express your life’s journey with a spirit ball

Okay, this is admittedly an irregular After Hours column, but I received so many comments and inquiries after doing the ATHENA keynote speech that I’m going to tell my “Amen Sisterhood” out there how to make a spirit ball like the one I used as a prop for the speech. If you are into creative arts and putting things on Pinterest, feel free to link onto your board.

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Coming soon: Patrick & Nana in D.C.

I’m knee-deep in preparations for another Patrick and Nana adventure, this time to Washington, D.C. Patrick will turn 12 in April, and coincidentally has spring break during his birthday month. “You know what that means,” my oldest grandson nudged. “Yeah, it’s time for you and me to hit a few more states.” He has set a goal of visiting every state in the U.S. “Driving through counts, but flying over doesn’t,” he advised. “So far, we’ve only hit 15. We’ve got a lot more to cross off. And Nana? I’m kind of counting on Niagara Falls this summer – from the Canadian side, so you’ll need a passport before July. I hear it’s better from that side. I’ve been reading up on it from travel sites.”

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Walk … for all of our dyslexic brothers and sisters

By most folks’ yardstick, my younger brother, Bobby, had about five strikes against his ever living a very successful life. Oxygen-deprived at birth, the “blue baby” then needed a blood transfusion due to a blood incompatibility with our mother’s blood type. At age 2, he barely survived being run over by a truck while sitting in his stroller in our long farm driveway, leaving the hospital with permanent facial injuries. At age 3, he got lead poisoning from eating paint chips off our barn. Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where my mother eventually took him for evaluation due to his being “slow,” diagnosed him with “minimal brain damage,” which told the family absolutely nothing. Any of his previous hardships could have caused that, and likely all contributed to it.

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Working from home: An experiment in telecommuting

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24% of employed Americans (almost as many men as women) report working from home at least some hours each week, and the federal government is hoping to divert up to 60% of its workforce to home offices within the next few years. With Yahoo ordering telecommuters back to the more collaborative office setting to boost innovation – a smart move according to labor analysts who study such things – other studies continue to prove that productivity peaks when telecommuting. So home is where I’m now going to be writing for IB on Mondays.

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Want to encourage young talent? Here’s how!

CONNECT Madison, a spinoff project of Leadership Greater Madison, is a newly formed invitation- or nomination-based young professionals group offering professional development, community engagement, and relationship-building opportunities. The group’s organizers hope that by creating a gathering place for these rising stars, they will make Madison a more attractive place for young professionals to live, work, and play. That sounds good, but for it to work, old-timers (“well-established folk”) like me also need to be involved, and here’s how we can do that.

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