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Lucy in the Sky With Science

LSD … Once you get past the mental image of psychedelic walls melting into rainbows, ask yourself if a controlled dose of lysergic acid diethylamide might somehow serve the greater good. That’s what the audience was asked to consider at Promega’s March 2013 bioethics conference, “Further Studies in Human Consciousness: Creative Insight,” where cultural critics, philosophers, and scientists came together to discuss the latest research into the mystical workings of human minds.

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Patrick & Nana’s latest, greatest adventure

This month, my grandson Patrick turned 12 years of age. For this first “big boy” birthday, I had promised him a trip to Washington, D.C., and so we recently boarded a late-evening plane scheduled to arrive in the capital city at midnight. Once landed, we ferreted out our assigned rental car (eventually discovering the trunk latch hidden in the Volkswagen Golf’s logo plate) and finally made our way to the Loews Madison Hotel in the wee hours of the next morning.

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Why do we do what we do?

Most of us have wondered, at one time or another, why we do what we do. What is our “underlying motive” to eat when full, spend when broke, date a jerk or airhead, or stay in a job we’d trade in a heartbeat for a chance to appear on The Voice? And why do we continue doing those things, knowing the probable outcome of the extra dessert or of dating a misogynist?

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Calling all boomers: Let’s claim the right to die!

I would guess that during the six years I worked as a crisis interventionist for a police department, I saw the very best and very worst death scenarios. Part of my responsibility was to do all of the death notifications for all shifts, which the officers gladly handed off. In that regard, I would make arrangements for an ambulance to be discreetly stationed nearby if I felt it might be necessary for a hysterical family member, and I knocked on the door wearing my uniform, a tie, and my (earned) police chaplain’s collar bars. However, before that knock, I already had viewed the body and arranged for any cleanup of it that was possible given the circumstances.

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The ghost of contacts past …

I had the weirdest experiences recently following our company’s change to a new email carrier. The only way to keep my contact list intact across platforms on the Mac was to migrate over all of the autofills, too, which then merged into my contact list. (Autofill: You type a letter in the recipient slot and a list pops up of people you’ve already corresponded with whose names also start with that letter.) We managed to weed out the “one time only” correspondence addresses, but even so, instead of the 176 contact listings I’d purposely created, saved, and kept current, I suddenly had over 1,700 email listings to sort through, many obsolete.

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