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Where’s a policeman when you don’t need one? Maybe on your back porch?

I’d like to thank the Madison police officer who did a status check at my home last night. We had the perfect storm of coincidences: My husband was traveling, and when he phoned, I casually mentioned that a man was acting very erratically just behind our house. The gentleman appeared to be completely jacked up on drugs – not in a medical sense, but in a drunk sense. The man noticed me, standing on my deck, and started to approach the house, at which time I went inside and continued my phone conversation.

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“I just wanted people to come and enjoy it. That was the purpose.”

I’ve listened to the Colorado Symphony play in Boettcher Concert Hall, the Philadelphia Orchestra perform at the American Academy of Music, and I’ve enjoyed the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Center – but I’ve never heard a more professional or endearing performance than the one recently performed by the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra on an outdoor stage flanked by cornfields.

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What Patrick and Nana did on our summer vacation

I really appreciated the view of Manhattan across the harbor from our top-floor hotel room in Weehawken, N.J. Ten-year-old Patrick and I both reveled at our luck in being lodged so close to the city, with such an amazing view. Then, one night while we were standing together gazing at the breathtaking skyline, the city suddenly went dark. New York simply disappeared.

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Pre-vacation obsessions, jitters, and hopes

Can you all do without me for three weeks? Can I do without you? There is a disconnect, which is rare on the Web, between the time I write this blog (pre-vacation) and when you read it (weeks later, when I’m actually on vacation). I realize, in today’s world, anything could have happened in that three-week period, so I can’t really be topical. All I can do is write what thoughts I’m having today.

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Another Patrick and Nana Adventure – What we are doing on our summer vacation

By the time you read this, my grandson Patrick (age 10) will have just realized his dream. And believe me, it is his dream ... not mine. Anyone who covets vacation time as I do will realize that whatever can go wrong will go wrong when you plan one, and I have the sense that the stars were aligned on a different planet when we put this trip together.

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