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Building community: Thoughts on a recent Isthmus story

I was heartened (as in “heart happy”) to see a familiar face featured on the cover of the Aug. 17 issue of Isthmus, and while I’m not certain anyone can completely or accurately chronicle the Life and Times of Patrick Farabaugh in one feature article, or even in a full-length novel, reporter Phil Busse did an admirable job of capturing his character. He well described the young publisher’s candid and vulnerable sides, and his persistence and risk tolerance in bringing a gay hockey league and a gay lifestyles magazine to the Madison region.

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Thanking my lucky (On)Stars

While driving to work, I noticed an unfamiliar warning light on my dashboard, so I pulled over, grabbed the car’s handbook, and looked it up. Low tire pressure. But which tire? I don’t have a pressure gauge and already was running a little behind schedule. With a car trip to Chicago planned for later in the week, and a husband already traveling for business, I’d have to tend to it myself. Rats!

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What do YOU do when you aren’t doing what you do?

I am so enjoying writing about people’s hobbies for the magazine. Learning about what people do in their “free” or “spare” time is not only revealing, but it also shows that successful people aren’t just driven to go-go-go at work at the expense of friends, family, and hobby passions. The most successful people, I’ve found, manage to balance and blend many interests.

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Are you ‘spending’ or ‘investing’ your commute time?

Robert Jordan, inventor and founder of Idle Free Systems, is my hero – and not because he has one of the most inspiring business start-up stories ever told, but because of the way the man’s mind works. Jordan was a long-haul truck driver for 20-plus years (“over 6,200 days”). He told me that very soon into that career, he realized he could “spend” or “invest” his driving time.

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Scheduling a shadow life ‘After Hours’

In your conscious world, you may recognize me as a business manager and publisher or, if you know me better, as a wife, grandmother, and mother. Maybe you are in my smallish circle of friends, or have connected with me through art or genealogy – I’m passionate about those avocations. But every night, just before bath and bed, I escape to an equally real and significant shadow life. I access that through personal emails, which have grown exponentially due to other passions.

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