After Hours

with Jody Glynn Patrick

May 2013


Announcing the Moses Altsech Random Acts of Kindness Award

Recently I learned that Dr. Moses Altsech is bringing his parents to the United States from their home in Greece. The political and social climate in Greece is akin to pre-war Germany for Greek nationals of Polish descent, such as Moses’ parents. Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party has launched a vicious attack on a leading Jewish organization, claiming that “Zionists” control U.S. and Greek policy. Similar to the Nazis’ use of cartoons in Europe in the 1930s-’40s, the party recently posted a cartoon depicting Prime Minister Samaras sitting on the floor under a bloody logo in front of a caricatured Jew in a chair. On the wall is a demonized President Obama, who is described in racist terms and is also portrayed as a religious Jew.

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CFO Awards: Nominate your ‘Dan Bullock’!

Dan Bullock: He’s clear speaking, levelheaded, creative, compassionate, and reliable. He is also known for being an early adopter of a “paperless” workspace, preferring electronic records to file cabinets. But more than that, he’s a contributor to his company’s bottom line and growth potential. Dan, the CFO at Cleary Building Corp., is a friend of mine, and I hope that he applies to be in the running for In Business magazine’s CFO awards, because I believe he would be a strong contender. If he doesn’t win, he will have nonetheless set the bar high for other competitors.

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What trumps Mother’s Day? ‘Three Questions’ on Nana’s Day!

“That big cloud has a Frankenstein head with a Betty Boop body,” grandson Patrick mumbles, cloud-gazing. We are driving back to Chicago at the end of a weekend spent in Madison; he is riding shotgun in the front seat, a rite of passage for 12-year-olds nowadays. (How things have changed since I was his age, when my mother would throw her arm across my seat and clothesline my neck when she hit the brakes – with or without a lit cigarette in her hand. Thank heaven for today’s seat belts and airbags.)

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Lucy in the Sky With Science

LSD … Once you get past the mental image of psychedelic walls melting into rainbows, ask yourself if a controlled dose of lysergic acid diethylamide might somehow serve the greater good. That’s what the audience was asked to consider at Promega’s March 2013 bioethics conference, “Further Studies in Human Consciousness: Creative Insight,” where cultural critics, philosophers, and scientists came together to discuss the latest research into the mystical workings of human minds.

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