After Hours

with Jody Glynn Patrick

December 2013


An unexpected holiday gift of time travel

Over the holidays, we shared a restaurant meal with my daughter and her family, including Patrick, who at age 12, seems to change every time we see him now. His face is settling into more adult lines, and there are other hints about the man he will become, subtle and yet whimsically revealed in changing interests and developing talents.

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Christmas photo books and wishes

My holiest of holidays is right around the corner and yes, friends, I again made books for the grandchildren. I photographed them, collected little pictures they made for me, and wrote down funny things they said or did. Then, as I have done every November since their consecutive births, I published a book showcasing their shiny new teeth, imaginative artwork, and adventuresome exploits.

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If at first you don’t succeed, have grandchildren

I found myself caught in that crack between the rock and the hard spot recently when, trowel in hand, I turned on a ladder to discover my 12-year-old grandson, Patrick, standing behind me with a joyous expression on his face. “Is THAT how you tile?” he asked, excited eyes sweeping along fresh grout and tile. “That doesn’t look so hard. Can I do it, Nana?”

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