5 safe and cost effective benefits of outdoor lighting for business and homes

Jenna lives alone in a large, beautiful home in Verona. Her backyard is right on the 16th hole of an adjacent golf course. Yet at night she didn’t feel safe. Minor vandalism occurring under the cover of darkness nearby kept Jenna up at night.

Fortunately, technology is changing every day and that allows outdoor lighting to do more than just beautify homes and business. Technology advances allow low-voltage lighting to provide affordable control and options that increase safety and security to homes, walkways, steps, pools, ponds, and more. Below are five ways technology makes outdoor lighting both safe and cost-effective:

  1. An astronomical timer allows systems to go on every night at dusk, they factor in daylight saving time, and they never need adjusting. Jenna’s lights were originally set to turn off at midnight. However, with the vandalism occurring in the neighborhood, her timer was adjusted so her lights would stay on from dusk till dawn.
  2. Zoning and diming allow Jenna to separate her property into lighting zones. This enables Jenna to keep her path lights on all night, but turn off some of the accent lighting on trees. She also has control over the brightness of her fixtures.
  3. Adjustable color fixtures allow Jenna to control the hue of individual fixtures. Through an app on her phone she can change the color of an up light to draw attention to a particular area.
  4. LED bulbs maintain Jenna’s operating cost at less than $1.50 a month per bulb. Technology allows low-voltage lighting to run more energy efficient than ever. Her bulbs range from 3 to 5 watts and will burn for over 40,000 hours.
  5. Outdoor lighting can eliminate dark spots without bothering the neighbors. Jenna wanted to feel safe but not at the expense of her relationship with her neighbors, and she had concerns about her property being too bright. Low-voltage lights are very soft yet still eliminate dark corners to increase safety, beauty, and awareness.

Jenna isn’t the only one benefitting from outdoor lighting. Off Broadway Drafthouse in Madison is another example of the ways in which outdoor lighting can solve everyday problems.



Off Broadway Drafthouse during the day.

Off Broadway enjoys a central Madison location just blocks off the Beltline. However, nestled in a neighborhood close to the Lake Monona bike trail, it can be a little hard to find.

Rita and Joe Klinzing, owners of Off Broadway, had holiday lighting in the past but now they were looking to increase visibility and safety in the evening, while respecting their neighbors.

Off Broadway Drafthouse at night with its new exterior lighting.

This was made possible with a low-voltage, energy-efficient outdoor lighting system that includes a combination of fixtures and lighting effects.

Thanks to their new lighting system, exterior dark spots have been eliminated, newly planted trees shine beautifully, and their landscaping pops day or night.

Not only is Off Broadway now easier to find, its customers also appreciate the increased safety provided by adequate lighting as they walk to and from their bikes or vehicles.

Angela Lingle is owner of World Class Outdoor Lighting–Madison.

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