4 injured, gunman dead in Middleton workplace shooting

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According to the latest reports, four people were shot Wednesday during an early morning workplace shooting at 1850 Deming Way in Middleton, a building which houses companies that include WTS Paradigm and Esker Inc. among others. Middleton police stated that three victims were being treated at area hospitals while the fourth was treated and released. The shooter, identified by police on Thursday as Anthony Y. Tong, 43, of Madison and a WTS Paradigm employee, was shot and killed by police.

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Middleton City Administrator Mike Davis earlier said he did not know the extent of the victims' injuries, or whether the suspect was shot by police or the injury was self inflicted. Officials at UW Hospital confirmed that four patients were brought there following the shooting.

A spokesman for UW Hospital initially confirmed that one victim was just grazed by a bullet but two were in serious condition and one is in critical condition. By Saturday, one victim was upgraded to fair and two others were listed in good condition. In all, police said the victims sustained 10 gunshot wounds.

Dozens of police and ambulances were dispatched the building for an active shooter situation at 10:29 a.m. Wednesday morning. Police evacuated workers in the building and ask that the public avoid the area, according to updates from the Wisconsin State Journal. Many other local businesses were also reportedly on lock down during the event.

A witness who asked not to be named reportedly told the State Journal that Tong was an employee at WTS Paradigm and a resident of Madison. As of Saturday morning, police had not given a motive for the shooting. Police later confirmed that the gunman, who was well armed with a number of magazines, did not have a criminal record.

Even though Tong's conceal-carry permit had been revoked and he was not legally able to possess a firearm, a search of his residence at 9738 Gilded Cider Blvd. found nearly 100 boxes of ammunition, multiple magazines, scopes, and a silencer, among other gun-related equipment.

Unlike the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, law enforcement officers did not wait for a tactical squad to arrive at the scene and entered the building upon arrival to confront the gunman. Firing shots at the gunman were Dane County Sheriff's Deputies David Labrecht and Matthew Earll and Middleton Police Officers Richard O'Connor and Tyler Loether.

Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke believes that decision, which is part of a revised protocol for active-shooter situations, saved lives at a company that employs about 160 people.

We will provide more information once it becomes available.