38 local entities awarded through Dane County’s Climate Champions program

County Executive Joe Parisi joined the Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) last week to recognize local entities leading on climate action through Dane County’s Climate Champions program. A part of Dane County’s Climate Action Plan is to recognize local entities that are making significant efforts to address climate change. It is the collective effort of groups like these that make Dane County’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50% countywide by 2030 and being carbon-neutral by 2050 within reach.

This year, a total of 43 Climate Champions awards will be presented across 38 entities. The Office of Energy & Climate Change recognizes achievements across 10 categories, including:

  • Building Energy Use, for entities with very energy-efficient buildings;
  • Building Design, for facilities still being planned or built that are projected to be very energy efficient;
  • Fleet Operations, for entities with a fleet powered by clean fuels;
  • Employee Commuting, for entities whose workforce commutes via bike, foot, transit, or telecommuting;
  • Water Saving Practices, for entities that have implemented practices to reduce water consumption;
  • Waste Diversion Practices, for entities that have strong waste diversion practices;
  • Sustainable Land Use Practices, for farms and land with strong sustainability practices;
  • Catalysts, for entities that help others take climate actions;
  • GHG Emissions, for entities that have reduced their carbon footprint; and
  • Other, for entities that have taken actions that don’t fit into other categories

Entities that achieve Climate Champion status receive signage and recognition on the OECC website.

Eight of the 10 Climate Champions categories use a four-star distinction, with more stars indicating higher achievement in that category. This year, three entities are receiving four stars, including Children’s Community School, Hoffman Manufacturing Corp., and Zoe’s Pizzeria.

Furthermore, two entities earned Climate Champion stars in more than one category. These entities are Hoffman Manufacturing Corp. and Madison Computer Works Inc.

The full list of 2023 Dane County Climate Champions is available online.