34% of Americans don’t trust their HR managers

With record job growth, American workers have more options than ever. Forty percent of Americans plan on finding a new job this year, and it’s not hard to figure out why. One in five Americans are currently working in a toxic workplace, and 34% don’t trust their HR manager. A new survey of American workers from manufacturing technology firm ARRIS found a few key factors ultimately determine worker happiness:

  • Company culture — Seventy-three percent of Americans said they’d be better workers if they had better company culture, 45% want more supportive managers, and 30% don’t feel valued at work.
  • Working from home — Thirty-nine percent of essential workers are considering switching careers to be able to work from home, 47% of Americans are only considering jobs with a WFH option in the future, and seven in 10 full-time office workers wish they could work from home.
  • Salary and benefits — Top workplace desires for 2023 include competitive salary (62%), upward mobility (29%), and better PTO/vacation benefits (28%).