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IBTV Inside Peek: Tri-North Builders

This week IBTV goes behind the scenes to explore sustainable buildings and the LEED certification process with Tri-North Builders, the “Green Building Leader.” In this interview with Tri-North Builders President and CEO Tom Thayer, we hear about the trends in green building and why every building is moving toward being a green building. We also get an inside view of the Tri-North Builders corporate headquarters, a gold certified LEED building with features like tiles from recycled glass, sustainable bamboo wood floors, significant amounts of natural lighting, low-flow water systems, and high-energy-efficiency HVAC systems.

Startup Accelerator brings “un-conference” concept to Madison

Startup Accelerator brings “un-conference” concept to Madison

Say the words “business conference” and you’ll likely evoke images of stiff-backed chairs, neatly pressed suits, and cavernous rooms where titans of industry hold court. Say “un-conference” and you might be met with blank stares – but you’ll certainly get people’s attention.



Adrian Reif, self-described Head Yumbutterologist, lives, breathes, and sleeps peanut butter. That is, when he's not awakened in the middle of the night with to-do lists swirling through his head.

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  • 40 Under 40: 2014 Class, Part 4

    Get to know some of the professionals selected for In Business magazine’s 2014 class of 40 Under 40. You’ll learn a bit about their professional lives as well as some of their hidden talents. In this episode, we feature Kayla Storlid, owner of Kayla’s Custom Cleaning, LLC; Peter C. Osman, owner/attorney with Borakove-Osman, LLC; Sandy Morales, fund development director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County; Brad Grzesiak, principal/co-founder of Bendyworks, Inc.; and Todd Schmidt, economic development director for the Village of Waunakee.

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  • Act 10 and the Supremes: 4-3 it’s partisan; 5-2 it’s bipartisan consensus

    Government couldn't do enough for the teachers union... agree totally. Kinda like conservative Republicans and the tea party, right? Eric Cantor couldn't do enough and so he had to go. Extremists ...
  • Perfume haters of the world unite!

    This morning when I arrived at work there was a non-profit board borrowing a conference room in our office (fairly common thing). I remarked as I walked by that it smells just like I remember my ...
  • Perfume haters of the world unite!

    I didn't realize that this was a forum to post personal likes and dislikes. Is this really a business issue? Let's start banning women from footwear I don't like. And let's do 100% away with ...

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