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Pinterest: Developing your business strategy

It’s time for a refresher and some additional insights on how to use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing mix. Since I wrote a blog post titled “Pinterest — visual asset accelerator” a couple of years ago, Pinterest has continued to grow and offer marketing benefits for sharing visual media assets with a wide array of Pinterest users. On its fourth birthday this March, Pinterest claimed to have 70 million active users, with a growing number of them located overseas.

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How to use Twitter for advertising and promotion

Ever since its IPO in November, Twitter has been soaring, not only as a stock (TWTR) but also as an enhanced social network for advertisers and content marketers. Feeling Wall Street pressure to monetize the value of its 230 million-plus active users, Twitter is launching new advertising and promotion offerings while enhancing those that have generated an estimated $582 million in ad revenue in 2013. These efforts are keeping it well on track to an estimated $950 million in ad revenue in 2014, according to eMarketer. Let’s take a look at the advertising and promotion opportunities on Twitter.

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How to create trust in your company through social proof

There has been a lot of buzz about the importance of social proof in the success or failure of business today. As defined by Graham Charlton at EConsultancy, a community of digital marketing and eCommerce professionals, “Social proof is the phenomen[on] where people tend to believe that the decision and actions of others reflect the correct behaviour in a given situation.” As it applies to business, social proof is the consumer’s validation or condemnation of your products or brand, created through social sharing, commenting, and other digital engagement.

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In the ring: Instagram, Vine, MixBit fight for share of the mobile video market

Twitter’s Vine, Facebook’s Instagram, and the newly announced MixBit are fighting it out for a piece of the short-form mobile video market. Vine now has a reported 40 million users, according to a recent CNET report. Instagram started out as a photo-sharing site and expanded its offerings with the June 2013 launch of Instagram videos. MixBit, by the founders of YouTube, recently launched with its own unique characteristics to mix it up with Vine and Instagram.

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Google+: a plus or minus among your social media platforms?

The armamentarium of social media platforms and tools used by consumers and businesses continues to evolve and grow. This growth has made choosing the networks in which to “play” and sometimes “pay” a challenging task. Among the newer ones gaining steam is Google+. While still in its relative infancy, more than 100 brands have more than 1 million followers on Google+. Among these are iconic brands like Ford (2.6 million+), General Motors (1.4 million+), Time magazine (~3.4 million), U.K.-based newspaper The Guardian (1.8 million+), and less iconic brands like humorous illustrator Rodney Pike (~1.6 million).

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