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The radical concept of profit

Regular readers know that I am not a fan of Government Motors, its bailout, or the Chevrolet Volt. Investors Business Daily reports the unbelievable news that the Volt costs GM more than twice its sticker price.

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Another politician forgets (or ignores) the political process

WisPolitics brings this pronouncement from temporary Senate Majority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona): “Senate Democrats remain strongly committed to restoring the collective bargaining rights that were stripped away by Governor Walker and Republican legislators this session. Any statement that we are not fully committed to this fight is simply ridiculous.

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We’re number 17!

The latest sign of the state’s slow improvement in business climate comes from CNBC.com’s America’s Top States for Business, which improved Wisconsin from 25th a year ago to 17th. As I wrote a year ago, this comparison “measures the states by their own standard: the selling points they use to attract business. We separate those pitches into the ten categories, which are then weighted in the study based on how frequently the states use them as selling points.”

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The Walker wish list

Wigderson Library & Pub (where reading while intoxicated is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you maintain control of your book/reading device) reports: "In his weekly column for the Waukesha Freeman, Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling said Governor Scott Walker will pursue cuts in the state income tax while reducing state aid to local governments."

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America’s Dairyland vs. America

Regardless of the results of Tuesday’s recall elections, or for that matter the Nov. 6 elections, how the state is doing economically vs. the rest of the country should be important to every taxpayer and every voter. Competitive Wisconsin commissioned the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance to create Measuring Success: Benchmarks for a Competitive Wisconsin to compare the state’s economic strengths and weaknesses to the rest of the country.

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