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The Gray Area

with Donna Gray


What kind of place are you running? Win customers and bring them back

A couple nights ago, my husband, Dave, and I were at a dinner where several of us talked about the definition of good customer service.

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‘Can’t’ take a vacation from work? Think again

At a recent lunch meeting, a few business friends were discussing their upcoming vacation plans, while a couple of them were making excuses for why they can’t get away.

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Customer service skills that will bring ’em back

There’s an ancient Chinese saying: “To open a business is very easy; to keep it open is very difficult.”

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This unhappy mother wonders, what happened to customer care?

This past Mother’s Day weekend my husband and I took a trip to a historic community for a holiday brunch. The best part of the trip was the visit with family. The dining experience was not so nice.

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Motivation strategies that actually work

Having breakfast with business friends on a recent rainy, cold morning, it was clear that every one of us needed some motivation to get past the idea of how nice it would be to return home and spend the day with a good book.

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