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Create a consumerism strategy to get the most out of your health plan

In the ongoing battle to contain costs, employers are always looking for tools, old and new, to help keep their health care spending in check. One often-discussed approach is health care consumerism — but too often consumerism is discussed as just another plan design option.

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Why brand strategy development is key to creating a successful campaign

Since starting my career in the marketing field 20 years ago, I have never personally been part of a campaign that has received as much employee and customer support as Associated Bank’s new “A good fit” brand campaign featuring the Green Chair. It was an unconventional move to ask our customers to take such a large role in our campaign, but we know better than anyone that banking is personal, and we were humbled to find customers willing to speak on our behalf about why our bank is “a good fit” for them.

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The benefits of promoting employee volunteerism

As we begin the new calendar year, it’s a great time to reflect on your business’ success in the past year and consider new ways to engage with your employees and surrounding community. While many for-profit companies look to their bottom line as the primary measurement of success, it’s also important for business owners to evaluate success in terms of employee and community engagement.

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Stock-market bubble? Why we’re not there yet

According to Newton’s first law of motion, uniform motion describes an object continuing on its path until an outlier event throws the object off course. This law, while typically applied to physics, can also be used to discuss the current U.S. stock market.

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Tips on financing specialty properties in today’s economy

Through midyear, the greater Madison area has continued to experience a surge in new real estate construction and rehabilitation. While a large segment of the activity falls within the multifamily sector, specialty projects are on the rise, keeping the market dynamic and vibrant. As the broader real estate market slowly reenergizes and new parties seek financing, it will be important to understand the loan evaluation process for various property types in today’s economy.

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