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Turning work into a game is serious business

Gamification can help engage employees in their benefits, wellness, and other crucial areas. It’s a simple concept: When you make work fun, you can improve both productivity and employee morale.

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5 tips for developing effective leaders

A winning team rarely comes together spontaneously. It takes hard work, discipline, and effective team leadership. More specifically, an effective leader takes responsibility for ensuring that each individual within the team is in a position to be a contributing member, that collaborative team dynamics are supported, and that the overall business unit achieves results.

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How to manage fiduciary responsibility as an HR professional

Growing regulatory complexity, scrutiny on compliance, and litigation cases have made it increasingly challenging to administer and manage qualified retirement plans. Additionally, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) has set forth rules to ensure the protection of plan participants’ rights. For HR managers and their organizations, falling short of these could mean corporate and personal liability.

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Top 10 wage and hour mistakes employers make

“Seven-figure settlement arising from misclassification of independent contractors.” “Top retailer gets hammered for failure to pay overtime.” These are two headlines among many others in recent years describing significant wage and hour settlements and awards.

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How to prepare for business interruptions

Criminal activity and natural disasters are dangers that can strike an organization at any time. To prepare for the unexpected, you should review your security and disaster readiness plans to help minimize the impact of any potentially threatening situation. You should also ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage to protect against loss of income and other expenses not covered by property insurance.

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