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with Spencer X. Smith


1 social media number no one is talking about

Top-of-mind. What a powerful yet often forgotten term in the online realm.

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Do social media the Walt Disney way — How to “plus it”

Mickey Mouse is the reason you’re not using social media the way you should. Really.

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Everyone’s biggest fear about social media and how you can overcome it

Have you ever stopped yourself from pressing the “Share,” “Post,” or “Tweet” button because you fear criticism?

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10 social media and digital marketing tips from Madison’s experts

Are you looking for the latest tips and tricks in social media and digital marketing? This month, I turned to 10 of my favorite local experts to ask what they’ve learned in 2016.

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The one strategy you need to implement on social media right now

Among the main concerns I hear with clients and prospects in regard to social media are, “How do we know if we’re doing the right things? What should we measure? How do we know if we’re ‘winning’?”

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Spencer Smith is the founder of Spencer X. Smith Consulting, and principal of the Cobalt Companies, a real estate investment firm he started in 2000. Spencer is also an instructor at the University of Wisconsin, where he teaches classes on Business Plans, Lean Business Tools, Internet Marketing & Strategy, and Teaching-Based Marketing. Spencer has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Money Magazine, Yahoo Small Business Advisor, MSN Money, and dozens of other publications.



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