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An approach to socially responsible investing

If you are among the millions of Americans trying to round out their socially responsible lifestyle with investments, you may be uncertain how to ensure your investments align with the values you strive to uphold.

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No more training, mentoring, and networking. We are (women) leaders and we are here to conduct business.

Last month a large international client consulted me on the launch of a thoughtful and contemporary worldwide, multicultural, and generational mentoring initiative and wanted to do some additional programming for their high performing, successful women.

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What to do when you’ve behaved badly

Well, it happens. You screwed up. Now what?

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3 simple steps to prevent gossip from infiltrating your office

Gossip has the power to dismantle even the best teams and keep good teams from becoming truly great.

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How to have a hard conversation

Difficult conversations are part of any manager’s responsibilities and the ability to successfully execute them can either make or break your effectiveness as a leader.

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