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Why your best talent is leaving and 4 ways to win them back

Most leaders of companies today recognize the importance of having engaged people at work. Yet research from Gallup and others say that between 50% and 80% are not fully engaged.

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Can you rely on your pension plan?

If you’re covered by a pension, either through the government or through your company, you should take the time to understand what changes may be happening.

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Big change proposed for Wisconsin employment claims

The proposed change would make statutory “offers of settlement” available in claims brought to the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) that allege violations of the Wisconsin fair employment law, family and medical leave law, or organ and bone marrow donation law.

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5 key components to monetize your data

Having masses of information is of little value unless it is leveraged to give the company a competitive edge. Below are five key steps leaders should take to monetize their company’s data assets.

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Marketing fad or trend — what is personal branding?

The marketing phrase of the year just might be “personal brand.” And you might be saying, “Ugh, really? Is this another millennial me-me tactic?” While personal branding isn’t a new concept, lately it’s hittin’ the scene like Britney did in 1999.

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