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The crisis of sexual misconduct

The impact of sexual misconduct at the executive leadership level is not just in the lives of subordinates who have been so shockingly harmed, but that such allegations can profoundly affect the value of the brand.

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5 ways your company can avoid costly OSHA citations

A workplace inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may not be avoidable, but your company can avoid costly OSHA citations.

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4 big bad sales myths of 2018

In sales, we sometimes constrain ourselves with limiting beliefs, or myths, and the New Year is the perfect time to debunk these falsities and rethink how you are going to approach sales in 2018.

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How you pay bills — and receive payments — is changing fast for businesses

Most business owners and finance executives place careful attention to when company bills are paid. Increasingly, business owners are also focusing closely on how bills are paid.

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Teaching of personal finance in K–12 gets a boost from governor, legislature

When Governor Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 280 on Nov. 30, more than 40 people crowded in behind him to be part of the official bill-signing photo.

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