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October 2017


The fall and fall of Harvey Weinstein: Lessons in screwing up an already screwed-up mess

This isn’t about film; it’s about filth.

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Can you imagine a day without water?

What would life be like if you could not brush your teeth, take a shower, flush your toilet, or run your business because of a shortage of water?

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Leaves of absence as disability accommodation: New clear guidance … or not so fast?

The Court ruled that a multimonth leave of absence requested by a disabled employee is beyond the scope of a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

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Tips for more effective on-the-job training

On-the-job training can be incredibly valuable, but it can also be frustrating for both employees and supervisors if the methods for teaching and the student’s learning style are incompatible.

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Dealing with a bad boss: Why empathy is key

A boss can make the workplace miserable.

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Startup secrets: 7 lessons learned in 7 years

Ask any startup founders where they’ll be in seven years and the likely answer is: “Hopefully still alive.”

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