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November 2013


6 highly effective strategies for the best Thanksgiving ever

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A feast of turkey and fixings and getting together with family — it’s like Christmas without the presents, and that’s the best part! No frantic treks to the mall to find meaningful gifts for loved ones. No schlepping around bags of presents, hoping you didn’t forget anyone. For me, it’s all about food, family, and celebration, so the pressure is off. But some people find that the holidays are stressful or never quite live up to expectations. Family gatherings can bring long-simmering tensions to the surface, and instead of Norman Rockwell you get Norman Lear (All in the Family for those of us old enough to remember). So here are a few tips for creating your best Thanksgiving ever: Relax: Focus on what’s...

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8 year-end tax tips for business owners

The dawn of 2013 brought the biggest tax changes in more than a decade, and this dramatic reshaping of the tax code will change tax planning. The resolution to the fiscal cliff standoff increased taxes by more than $600 billion and rewrote scores of rules. The rates on many types of income have risen in 2013 for high-income taxpayers, and a new Medicare tax on investment income is effective for the first time this year. Some strategies that worked for taxpayers in the past won’t make sense anymore, and the law created new opportunities that didn’t exist previously. New planning techniques are needed to address the new taxes, rule changes, and rate increases. Some of the most important 2013 tax planning considerations for businesses include: 1....

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What does a new customer look for on your website? You might be surprised

Not too long ago, I was in the market looking for some particularly unusual supplies for a costume I was sewing for my daughter. Apparently, she thought making a wearable giant ahi tuna sushi would be no trouble for Mom. In fact, over the years, in creating a collection of comically large food, I’ve shopped the Internet for some hard-to-find supplies. I prefer to shop locally, but when I need something unusual, it’s necessary to buy from online sellers, some I don’t know very well.

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The two most important decisions you face when buying insurance

With the holidays around the corner, I’ll be purchasing something I know very little about, and relying almost completely on someone else to help me make the right decision: jewelry for my wife. Standing in front of the display case is my annual reminder of what people must feel like when they are buying insurance.

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