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May 2013


How to leverage Twitter to ensure you gain absolutely nothing from the next conference you attend

For the last several years, I’ve made my living talking to people. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet people in almost every industry, from almost every background, and in every state except for Delaware and Hawaii. (I don’t know what I’ve done to annoy the people who live there, but I’m sorry for whatever I did, so please invite me sometime. I will bring cake.) It’s a fun job if you don’t mind airports, and if you get the sense that the things you’re saying are the kinds of things that your audience is excited to hear.

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There’s a bright side to unhappy customers? Absolutely!

A few weeks back, some friends from out of town joined me in Madison for a birthday celebration. We chose one of my favorite downtown restaurants and ordered up wine, lobster bisque, Wagyu steak, and high expectations. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, our table was just jinxed. Our poor waitress just couldn’t seem to get things right, but since I was enjoying the company of lifelong friends, I wasn’t too annoyed.

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