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Jul 19, 201703:14 PMOpen Mic

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Cyber advice to business leaders: Data security is critical to your success

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You can’t tune into the news today without hearing or reading about the latest cybercrime that has impacted organizations around the world. Look at what happened not long ago with the WannaCry ransomware attack that disrupted businesses globally and caused billions of dollars in damages. The malicious use of software to obstruct access to a computer system until a ransom is paid was a wake-up call for businesses and consumers alike, as many are still operating on luck and hoping today is not the day our number is called for disruption.

Protecting our personal and business data should be a new priority for everyone. The best way to protect data is to have a recoverable backup when data is compromised. Everyone has some sort of backup, but do you know how to recover must-have data from your backup? Can it be done within a reasonable time frame to avoid significant business production and revenue loss? Do you have the option to continue operations while primary application servers are restored by rolling to an off-site instance on a virtual server? Performing routine data backups isn’t enough anymore. I recommend having a modern backup solution that is managed and can be restored within your determined recovery-time and recovery-point objectives.

Here are four critical reasons why every business leader should take a second look at his or her backup procedures:

1. Cybercrime is here to stay: The question is not if, but when will a cybercrime knock at your front door. The only way to ensure that you can immediately handle an attack is to implement a regular backup schedule so that your company can get access to the files it needs without having to deal with the cybercriminals.

2. It’s insurance: Every business is required to have insurance to protect itself — liability, property, workers’ compensation, to name a few. So, why don’t we look at data backups the same way as insurance policies? A backup is more than a way to restore a lost or damaged file. Your backup should be a critical part of your overall business plan, and it should scale to make sure you can meet your business objectives.


Jul 20, 2017 03:09 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Brian is absolutely right, but this leads to the larger statement that business computer networks must be professionally managed with internal or external resources. Gone are the days when a provider could install your computers/network and you could use them until they die. Once the internet became ubiquitous, the need for professional management snuck in without awareness by anyone except technology professionals.

A management strategy begins with the hardware and software selection process, regular patching, data security (appliances, architecture, a/v, remote access, etc), backup and disaster recovery strategy, etc.

Over 90% of data breaches are to SMBs and about 1 in 5 of the businesses will fail as a result. Many would have been easily preventable if their networks were professionally managed and used basic data security practices. It's important for this I.T. management culture to grow as this is the first generation to work with today's level of technology. We must act on what we've learned.

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