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Jan 11, 201812:37 PMOpen Mic

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6 reasons to add environmental graphics to your office

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The average person spends more than 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. The reality is we spend more waking hours at work during the week than we do anywhere else. Companies have started to realize the benefits of having a visually attractive and inspiring workplace. If your office is still grey walls and cubicles, here are six reasons you should consider adding some environmental graphics to your company’s workspaces:

Communicate your company’s history

A visual representation of where your company has come from can be a powerful training tool for new employees and instill confidence of your expertise when customers and prospects come to visit. At Suttle-Straus, we have history wall wraps that showcase our 100-plus years in business with some retro photos of employees and equipment from our past.

Reinforce company values

Values mean very little if they are just printed in an employee handbook that gets shoved in a desk drawer. Having your values prominently displayed where employees encounter them frequently can be a good way to reinforce their usage in everyday work.

Encourage innovation and creativity

In a recent survey by Capital One, 86% percent of millennials reported that “companies cannot encourage innovation unless their workplace and environment is innovative.” Use of artwork and imagery helps work environments to inspire creative thinking. We chose to feature inspiration words that describe people in various departments, highlighted with an energetic color and dimensionality.


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