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Apr 13, 201604:50 PMOpen Mic

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Forget the debate; fracking is good for Wisconsin jobs

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Wisconsin jobs will be decimated if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton have their way on hydraulic fracturing (sometimes referred to as “fracking”), a process that has helped foster job growth here and lower energy prices nationwide.

Hydraulic fracturing is a safe method of extracting oil and natural gas, and Wisconsin sand is essential to the process. If hydraulic fracturing is banned our state will be hit hard and our families will lose middle-class jobs.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is clear: He will ban fracking. Former Secretary of State Clinton said at a March 6 debate that she would impose so many restrictions that fracking would be virtually eliminated. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approved a fracking ban for New York in 2014. Sanders’ home state of Vermont has banned fracking, as has Maryland. Banning fracking is a chic cause for the Hollywood and radical environmental left.

Movie stars and environmental radicals don’t care about Wisconsin families, clearly.

Called “Northern White” by industry experts, Wisconsin sand is a prized commodity that gets shipped out to hydraulic fracturing sites all over the country. Our industrial sand industry has employed thousands in Wisconsin with well-paying, family supporting jobs, and contributed millions to our state and local economies. Wisconsin’s industrial sand industry has boomed because we have the perfect mix of a well-trained workforce, easy-to-access raw materials, and a robust rail transportation network to get finished product to market. These factors keep Wisconsin well positioned to experience growth in this industry in the future.

Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely for decades. This is a process whereby a well is drilled deep into the ground, and a mixture of water and industrial sand is then pumped into the wellbore at high pressure. The high pressure pushing the water into the well causes fracturing underground, which creates tiny fissures and these tiny fissures are held open by the industrial sand.

Once opened, oil and natural gas can flow through these fissures and back to the surface for collection and processing. Advances in hydraulic fracturing mean we can recover more and more oil and natural gas than ever before, which is leading to true American energy independence as more and more proven reserves are discovered each year.


Apr 14, 2016 02:21 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

WMC is not the state chamber of commerce - whole business sectors like child care are not represented by them (note their own words in meetings with that sector) and indeed often are harmed by the polices promoted by the people they help to elect. This includes a disproportionate loss of resources for this region of the state slowing our economic growth as our tax revenue is diverted elsewhere.

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