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State’s business lobby blocking efforts to remove lead from water

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce agrees lead is dangerous to human health but WMC wants to make certain that its members don’t pay one penny more on their water bills toward the cost of removing lead pipes.

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Renewable energy: A place to find a sustainable job, part 2

Wisconsin could be a potential contender in the green jobs sector someday. However, Wisconsin currently has the smallest green job workforce in the Midwest region due to unsupportive policies.

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What employers need to know about the American Health Care Act

There are a number of proposals that are worth understanding now and following in the future, especially by employers and human resource managers.

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Renewable energy: A place to find a sustainable job, part 1

Despite the slow transition toward renewable energy, there is a growing undercurrent of advocacy that is putting innovation into action. Coinciding with earth, wind, fire, and water, the four elements of sustainability are available for advancement: technology, opportunity, people, and altruism.

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Lean out: 5 questions every female entrepreneur should ask

Do you feel stalled in your career? Do you feel underpaid, overworked, and without flexibility and autonomy over your time?

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