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Are election years good for stocks?

As an investor, what can you expect during an election year? In the last 11 presidential election years, the market (as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average) has been up nine times and down twice. But, as you’ve no doubt seen in the small print: “Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.”

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Cash management key to business efficiency

Many business owners spend significant amounts of time — and time means money — managing their cash flow. One of their most common concerns is the daily operation of managing cash flow and security.

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Recent data not predictive of 2016

For much of January, global markets worried about softer global economic growth. Last week’s data provided further confirmation that fourth quarter 2015 was relatively weak, especially in the United States.

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Let’s take the mystery out of training millennials

“What are the most effective ways to train millennials?” is probably the question that training professionals hear more often than any other today.

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Economic growth to remain slow but positive

Fears of financial crisis and contagion continue to be juxtaposed in markets, with hope of more stimulus from global central banks. Economic data has been of little help to alleviate or confirm market fears.

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