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A winning recipe for blog casserole

I received an email the other day that really got me thinking. Spencer X. Smith — you may know him as THE go-to guy for social media strategy — asked me about writing really engaging blog posts.

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There’s upside to higher interest rates

As consumers, we have eagerly anticipated interest rates dropping since the early 1980s. But we are investors, as well.

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Getting Creative: Show, don’t tell. Breaking down Apple’s ‘Stroll’ TV spot

Apple is cool. And feature filled. And they just don't tell you about it — they show you.

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New bureaucracy not the answer to student debt refinancing

Total student debt in the United States now stands at about $1.3 trillion. The vast majority — about 81% — is held by the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies.

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How to confidently sell really expensive products

Have you ever bent over backward to offer your product or service at an incredibly low price, only to have a “meh” response from your target market?

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