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Market and economic update: Global economy feels the effects of Russia/Ukraine conflict

Improvements in the global economy appear to have been derailed by sanctions against Russia in light of the Ukrainian conflict. Data from Europe and Japan seem to indicate slowing economies, likely leading to further expansion of monetary accommodation, although accelerating growth will possibly require fiscal stimulus.

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Answers to workplace questions on dress codes, gossip, and other issues

Running a business — or managing a single unit, department, or team within a business — is not easy. Questions that have legal and/or regulatory implications pop up on a regular basis. Answers to some of those questions aren’t always straightforward and can require insight into various statutes as well as case law. This article shares a handful of common scenarios and some interpretive guidance.

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Get Fit challenger finds renewed motivation in wake of adversity

I went into this Get Fit Challenge with a bit of a different attitude than most competitors. I was very apprehensive at first knowing how busy life is already, but my Get Fit teammate Sarah said something awhile back that I’ll never forget: “I say ‘yes’ to almost everything, and then I figure out how I’m going to do it when the time comes.”

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The Employer Group sets sights on Get Fit championship

Generally, I go into workout hibernation during the winter, so I wasn’t in particularly good shape when our company president, Angie Heim, invited us to join her in the challenge. This seemed like a great opportunity to get back into a workout routine before the end of winter.

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Market and economic update: August employment report left us on a more cautious footing

The strong U.S. equity market seems to affirm the U.S. economy remains healthy. Last week’s manufacturing data confirmed the market’s message, but to close the week, the August employment report left us on a more cautious footing.

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