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Investing in a rising interest rate environment

After six years of holding interest rates at record low levels, the Federal Reserve recently began a subtle campaign that suggests interest rates will soon be rising. This month, while reiterating its longstanding position to keep short-term interest rates near zero for a “considerable time,” the Fed announced two important steps toward beginning the process of raising interest rates: the end of quantitative easing and two new interest rate hiking mechanisms.

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Why a woman needs an MBA to succeed in business

Ideas are nothing. Execution is everything. While women may have many ideas for starting their own businesses, or for improving an existing business, the problem is that far too few of us can execute those ideas.

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Market and economic update: U.S. markets worry about European slowdown

After the important September employment report, last week’s release of September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes and August data for job openings and turnover seems to pale in comparison. However, the FOMC minutes indicated the committee discussed concerns about the impact on the U.S. economy from slowing growth across the eurozone.

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Get ready to upgrade if you use Windows Server 2003

If your business uses Windows Server 2003 as its server operating system, it’s important to communicate to your IT staff that all security updates, fixes, and support from Microsoft will end as of July 14, 2015.

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Market and economic update: U.S. economic growth continues, but the pace slows

U.S. employment remains the strong positive story for the U.S. economy. For September, the unemployment rate fell to 5.9%, the lowest level in six years, helped by a decline in the labor force. The strong positive was seen in nonfarm payrolls rising 248,000, plus strong revisions (up 69,000) to the prior months.

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