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Sequence of returns – A significant risk that should not be ignored

Recent market volatility provides a vivid reminder that markets rarely go up or down steadily. And when markets trend down at a time when an investor is approaching or recently entered retirement, this can be cause for real concern. In fact, sequence of returns is one of the biggest potential risks to a retirement portfolio. Sequence of returns is the order in which investors experience returns.

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Can we count on a Fed liftoff before 2016?

Global economic data continues to be evaluated by market participants through the lens of potential Federal Reserve actions.

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It’s up to me

I’m comfortable being alone. As an only child, I learned at a young age how to amuse myself when a friend wasn’t available to play. As an adult, I work at home and love having the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

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Political transition, VW emissions, and the Fed add uncertainty to markets

Politics and policy remained front and center for markets last week. The news that Volkswagen (VW) had “cheated” on U.S. emissions tests for its diesel engines reduced market confidence as we also waited for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to clarify confounding Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting comments from Sept. 17.

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Finishing strong

I want to thank In Business and Harbor Athletic Club for the opportunity to participate in this year’s Get Fit Challenge. I went into it hoping to lose a few pounds and learn more about nutrition and fitness, but I’ve come away with so much more.

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