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Get Fit producing more than just fitness gains

In these past six months, we’ve all had our shares of ups and downs, but it really feels like we’ve created some sustainable awareness and made positive changes in the way we take care of each other and ourselves.

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Despite market turmoil data points to slow global growth

Macroeconomic news took a back seat to markets last week. The sell-off in China continued and the crisis in investor confidence, amidst the summer vacation season, led to a global retrenchment, with most global equity markets losing ground last week.

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It isn’t over until the fit lady sings

I wish I could say this is a motivational post, but if I did you would certainly be disappointed. What it is, however, is the God’s honest truth.

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Data shows growing confidence in the U.S. economy

U.S economic data improved last week, lifting confidence that the U.S. economy is on solid footing. It appears the economy has survived the stronger U.S. dollar and confidence breakers of the Greek debt crisis and softer first quarter economic data.

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Should you “pull back” from a bull market?

In early 2015, the current bull market hit a milestone when it became the fourth-longest run-up since World War II. But such a long-running rally presents investors with a dilemma: Should they stay invested and hope for more profits, or cash out to “lock in” gains?

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