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Nov 12, 201210:16 AMLeft Business Brain

with Tom Breuer

Intervention time: Repeat after me – Obama is not a socialist

Intervention time: Repeat after me – Obama is not a socialist

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The Republican unreality tour reached its climax on election night, when Karl Rove, whose super PAC wasted $300 million of rich guys’ money trying to turn Mitt Romney into a real boy, refused to acknowledge President Obama’s re-election, even as the rest of the sentient world knew the jig was up. (At this rate, we may not even have to address income inequality through progressive taxation. The Democrats can just keep nominating black guys and the money will trickle down on its own.)

Of course, when you live in an alternate reality, it’s hard to see anything clearly, much less the writing on the wall. As Republicans across the land confidently asserted that Mitt was a virtual lock, math – that exclusive province of Paul Ryan and the GOP (to hear modern conservatives tell it) – was roaring ferociously in the president’s favor. On election eve, Nate Silver, the New York Times’ newly famous electoral maven, put Obama’s chances of re-election at nearly 91%, adding that an Electoral College landslide in the president’s favor was likely.

It wasn’t magic, asserted Silver. It was just how the polls lined up.

Rove, Dick Morris, and George Will all had their own maps – and all were spectacularly wrong. In fact, Morris, who predicted a Romney landslide, has become such an embarrassment, he may never recover. At the very least, he is now sucking hind toe in the U.S. punditry.

But Rove’s election day Monty Python Black Knight impression was truly a wonder to behold, and revealed just how far off the beam these true believers had fallen.

(If for some scandalous reason you don’t get the Monty Python Black Knight reference, a short educational video is included below.)

So, these nattering nabobs were wrong. Any chance that they’re wrong about anything else? Any chance at all?

Now, it’s important to remember that when one speaks and behaves out of hubris, one is playing with fire. Here’s what I wrote in June, shortly after the final curtain fell on the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s own virtuoso face plant:

“In the wake of Scott Walker’s victory last Tuesday, there’s been no end of right-wing gloating and liberal wailing, and right now, both sides appear to think that the culture is inexorably vaulting into a bleaker or brighter (depending on which way you swing) future.

“But those who are currently inconsolable over the Walker rout (and make no mistake about it, it was a rout) can find solace in the Buddha’s words. Despair not. Everything changes. Especially here. After all, this is Wisconsin – one of the most reliably purple states in the union.”

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