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Handicapping Scott Walker’s potential presidential rivals

There’s something terribly revealing — and inadvertently uninspiring — about the Ready for Hillary PAC’s apt but deadly dull tagline, “Ready for Hillary.” It evokes a long-neglected, distasteful obligation, like going back to school after summer vacation or getting your first colonoscopy. It may very well be for the best but … hmm.

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Numbers are in: Walker accomplishes nothing; next stop, the White House

Quick question: Who has presided over a steeper reduction in the deficit he was handed when he took office several years ago, Scott Walker or Barack Obama?

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Surviving Walker: Republicans spiking the ball, but the game goes on

Saturday, 12:35 p.m., halftime of the Badger game. Scott Walker flashes a baleful grin from the front cover of Isthmus — a wonderful but haunting shot by frequent IB contributor Eric Tadsen that only serves to gin up the angst we lefties already feel about our once and future governor.

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The 3 biggest economic lies of campaign ’14

The next time Wisconsin has a gubernatorial election, the candidates should simply drop all pretense of probity and hire the same folks who write those Nigerian lottery scam emails — or that ad about the beautiful model in Mount Horeb who’s looking to hook up with a congenitally sarcastic, testosterone-challenged 49-year-old Lord of the Rings fan with a head the size of a Weber grill and a World of Warcraft character nearly as old as she is.

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Brett Hulsey a bigger threat to us than Ebola — seriously

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think “Ebola” was a hot new Miley Cyrus album that’s dropping later this fall in time for the holiday shopping season. Indeed, much like Cyrus’ career, it’s a frightening and off-putting phenomenon that has nevertheless killed very few people in this country and made a handful of others bleed out of their eyes and ears.

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