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Scott Walker’s greatest economic illusion: making George W. Bush disappear

Gov. Walker is laboring under a deep, dark delusion — one that, unfortunately for him, is supplying the heart, bone, and sinew of his campaign: The population doesn’t automatically get stupider the instant you make deep cuts to education. It takes years of Mississippi-sized neglect or, alternatively, an intensive 120-hour block of Fox & Friends, complete with A Clockwork Orange-style eyelid props and enough liquid methadone to tranquilize Vicki McKenna — or New Zealand.

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Why Scott Walker can’t afford to tell you the truth about his jobs record

You’ve probably seen this new Scott Walker ad — the one in which he touts Wisconsin’s third-place ranking in the Midwest in job creation — and you likely had one of three reactions.

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Eliminate state treasurer? Sure. While we’re at it, let’s ax these pointless jobs

You won’t get five paragraphs into Friday’s Wisconsin State Journal staff editorial without guffawing like a ’shrooming Arizona octogenarian at a Carrot Top concert.

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Don’t believe Scott Walker or Rick Scott on Obamacare

There’s an amusing anecdote circulating on the World Wide Information Superhighway these days about a kid who throws a tantrum in a Burger King, demanding his mother buy him the popular eatery’s signature pastry, the pie. The precocious, cherub-cheeked (one assumes) 5-year-old yowls, “I want a ****ing pie” and punches his mother while the mother assiduously ignores the child.

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Forget about Act 10: Walker can be beaten with these 3 easy catchphrases

Honestly, the Supreme Court’s decision last week upholding Act 10 was a bit anticlimactic. It sort of felt like that time you waited around after the credits of The Empire Strikes Back to see if Darth Vader declaring his parentage and cutting off Luke’s hand was just some Wookiee fever dream.

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