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Don’t believe Scott Walker or Rick Scott on Obamacare

There’s an amusing anecdote circulating on the World Wide Information Superhighway these days about a kid who throws a tantrum in a Burger King, demanding his mother buy him the popular eatery’s signature pastry, the pie. The precocious, cherub-cheeked (one assumes) 5-year-old yowls, “I want a ****ing pie” and punches his mother while the mother assiduously ignores the child.

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Forget about Act 10: Walker can be beaten with these 3 easy catchphrases

Honestly, the Supreme Court’s decision last week upholding Act 10 was a bit anticlimactic. It sort of felt like that time you waited around after the credits of The Empire Strikes Back to see if Darth Vader declaring his parentage and cutting off Luke’s hand was just some Wookiee fever dream.

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Walker attacks Burke on outsourcing; will he now censure his friends?

It was bound to come: the full-frontal assault on Mary Burke over outsourcing. In fact, I predicted this months ago. This doesn’t make me a genius, of course. I also predicted Ted Nugent would eventually make overtly racist comments about Barack Obama that could make an 18th century Boston longshoreman expectorate his porridge for a fortnight. But hey, the magic day has arrived at last, and we all get to find out what a pure patriot Scott Walker is.

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On gay marriage, conservatives fighting a war they’ve already lost

Say, what’s the difference between Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and this Japanese soldier, who continued fighting World War II for 29 years because he didn’t know it was over? Honestly, I can’t think of much.

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Despite spin, Walker likely stuck with dismal jobs record until Election Day

Anything can happen. Scott Walker might singlehandedly discover a cure for chronic back pain while dispensing well-earned noogies to highly decorated World War II veterans. A random bee sting could swell Mary Burke’s head to the size of a Coors Party Ball, leaving her unable to campaign from August onward. Brett Husley could wake up one day and say, “Hey. Wait a second. I just realized something. I’m completely insane. Maybe I should stop turning this election campaign into an asinine farce. Where are my pants, and how did I end up in the baggage claim carousel at Austin Straubel Airport?”

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