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Face it: Voter ID was always about electing GOP candidates

In a perfect world, everyone would vote. In a perfect world, every voter would be perfectly informed and perfectly inoculated against hysterical scaremongering, cherry-picked data, and mawkish appeals to emotion.

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Hey, Gov. Walker: Frothing Obamacare hatred is so 2013

Imagine if you had made a $206 million bet using other people’s money and that bet turned out to be completely wrongheaded, reckless, and above all, self-serving and vindictive.

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Scott Walker’s benefits trickling down unevenly

In a recent TV ad, Scott Walker claims that the average Wisconsin family has received a big windfall as a result of his reforms. Cue the all-you-can-eat disinformation buffet.

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Scott Walker’s greatest economic illusion: making George W. Bush disappear

Gov. Walker is laboring under a deep, dark delusion — one that, unfortunately for him, is supplying the heart, bone, and sinew of his campaign: The population doesn’t automatically get stupider the instant you make deep cuts to education. It takes years of Mississippi-sized neglect or, alternatively, an intensive 120-hour block of Fox & Friends, complete with A Clockwork Orange-style eyelid props and enough liquid methadone to tranquilize Vicki McKenna — or New Zealand.

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Why Scott Walker can’t afford to tell you the truth about his jobs record

You’ve probably seen this new Scott Walker ad — the one in which he touts Wisconsin’s third-place ranking in the Midwest in job creation — and you likely had one of three reactions.

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