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5 reasons not to panic about Mary Burke’s 15-point deficit

It was all over the news-o-sphere last week. (That’s just like the Twittersphere, but with better spelling and grammar and a slightly dumbed-down version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.) According to the latest Wisconsin Public Radio-St. Norbert College poll, Mary Burke is down 15 points to Scott Walker in the governor’s race, which Burke apparently entered sometime in the last several months while the rest of us were staring at the harsh winter chafing on our elbows and wondering who will resign in disgrace first: Mike Ellis or Mike Ellis’ hair.

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I take it back: Gov. Walker, go ahead and run for president

Mary Burke is a smart, likeable, generous woman. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this eye-opening — and thoroughly heartwarming — 2011 Isthmus article on her philanthropic work. Then, when you’re done reading that, hit the return button on your Web browser and come on back to the hateful sarcasm. Because we live in a cruel, unforgiving, unjust world — a world where talented artists starve while George W. Bush flaps his gums on the Today show about his Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair portraits, which look like Muppet versions of their subjects photographed through a slice of head cheese.

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Wisconsinites don’t like Obamacare, but they should

Buried deep within last week’s Marquette University Law School poll results — the same poll that showed Mary Burke’s campaign has managed to harness the raw animal magnetism of Michael Dukakis reciting the Congressional Record on Ambien — was the “revelation” that Wisconsin residents still haven’t warmed to Obamacare.

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Maybe we should think of ways to suppress the white Republican vote

I lived in Appleton for many years before I moved to Madison, and after that Neenah. While living in the Fox Valley, I often thought that we could use a nice vegetarian-friendly restaurant, or better bike paths, or a cardiac rehabilitation clinic that didn’t also sell cheese curds.

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Is Mary Burke working for the Walker campaign?

I hate to be the kind of knee-jerk yahoo who declares victory (or rather defeat) months before the issue is settled, but I’m gravely concerned about Mary Burke’s campaign.

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