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Leader to Leader

with Terry Siebert

November 2013


The 3 keys to leading strong teams

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review tells the story of an orthopedic surgeon who has built a reputation as the Henry Ford of knee replacements. In a typical year, he performs 550 knee replacements, about two and a half times as many as the second-most-productive surgeon in the hospital. His patients also enjoy better outcomes and suffer fewer complications.

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What’s the number one way to get new business?

If you’re sure you’re connecting to your market and know what customers want and why they want it, if you know the emotional and logical impact of your service and can describe it in a compelling way, and if you routinely give the best advice to your customers on what to buy, then you have a great opportunity to leverage every interaction with your customers and build relationships that can spread to their friends, vendors, and neighbors. Do all these things. Not only will you stay in business, you’ll also smooth out the bumpy roads you encounter, especially during tougher, more competitive times.

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Known for his Dale Carnegie training expertise, Terry Siebert is writing to inspire leaders to reach their greatest potential. Leadership, today more than ever, may mean the difference between closing the doors or opening new markets. Every month, he'll post help with mindset, business tools and more.

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