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When it comes to Google, it’s Page 1 or bust

I’ve been reviewing the report issued by the online ad network Chitika regarding its latest findings on Google’s organic search results pages. Here’s the gist: If you want to be present and unaccounted for, be satisfied with your Page 2 or Page 3 placement on Google.

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The real reason email subject lines are important

There’s been plenty of research conducted about email subject lines — some good, some bad, and some just plain silly. I always marvel at Mail Chimp’s list of worst-performing email subject lines, such as Final reminder for complimentary entry to attend the West Freelands BCI Cluster Conference 2006 maintaining a comfortable lead for eight straight years.

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Why content marketing is absolutely crucial for your business

Let’s get real. Content marketing isn’t anything that my generation initiated, or the greatest generation of all before me, or several generations before them. In fact, men living in London in 1731 were content-marketed by a chap named Edward Cave — no doubt the originator of the man-Cave.

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Bad website development? It just needs to stop!

Perhaps it doesn’t. After all, the mistakes of so many are the good fortunes of a few. There it was, staring me in the face for the second time this year. For the fifth time in 17 months. For the ninth time in the last two and a half years.

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Why this classic brand is greater than Apple, Nike, or any other

While preparing to speak at the American Marketing Association’s Branding Conference, one of the questions that was presented to me was, “Besides Apple and Nike, name a brand that you really admire and why.” Fair enough. Although that’s assuming that I really do admire Apple and Nike. I’d be hard-pressed to say I don’t.

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