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Inside Wisconsin

with Tom Still


Wisconsin’s Foxconn deal part of a much bigger shift in global economy

Those who dwell on the fine print in the state of Wisconsin’s $3 billion contract with Foxconn Technology Group run the risk of missing the screaming headlines of global change.

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Government rollbacks aside, renewable energy here to stay

Whether it’s the Trump administration order to scrap the federal Clean Power Plan or legislation to jettison renewable energy goals for Wisconsin state agencies, it seems like a grim time for advocates of wind, solar, and other clean energy technologies.

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Measuring quality: Why health care can attract business, workers

Every few years someone in state government laments, “We need a better brand for Wisconsin!” Cabinet secretaries scurry about, agency communications directors scratch their heads over possible slogans, and marketing campaigns go largely unfunded.

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As workforce growth slows, new approaches are needed to meet demand

Employers and others worried about the “skills gap” for years, often lamenting that workers weren’t prepared to perform the jobs for which they were hired.

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Keeping up higher ed investments will help meet workforce needs

A few hundred yards from the UW–Madison College of Engineering’s core campus is a fresh example of why engineering is more than classrooms and theory: It’s a hands-on discipline for turning ideas into prototypes and products that help people.

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Tom Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. He is the former associate editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.



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