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Financial Perspectives

with Michael Dubis, CFP


Does the Fed control the markets?

It feels like it, doesn’t it? For a few years now, the stock market has been on a tear and bond market yields have dropped significantly (at the same time, bond values have risen). Many would argue that a large contributor to that run-up has been the Fed’s quantitative easing/bond-buying policies.

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The ‘Great Rotation’ is a silly, nonsensical investment trend

Have you heard about the “Great Rotation” of investor money out of bonds and into stocks? Google it and you will come up with thousands, if not millions, of hits. According to the Great Rotation theory, investors will eventually tire of (or no longer accept) the low yields in the bond markets and rotate their investments to stocks. The concept was originated by a brokerage firm. It has become a media darling. It’s very catchy and simple — perfect ingredients to inspire reaction. Brokerage firms and the media profit when concepts that are catchy lead to transactions.

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The markets’ response to Fed news

Stock and bond markets will move really fast and usually at unexpected moments. This is happening as I write. In essentially one month, interest rates on the 10-year Treasury have increased by over 40%, from 1.7% to 2.4% (subsequently, 10-year Treasuries have fallen in value) and markets have dropped about 4%-6%+. Most other equity markets are off by even more because of their higher risk exposure or other-country risks. Very few asset classes other than cash have been stable. This fast-moving phenomenon is why I believe it’s impossible to market time.

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‘You can do better!’ … Compared to what?

One of my jobs is to analyze performance and solicitations that clients occasionally get from outside money managers, mutual funds, and other “advisors.” I sometimes hear the saying “you can do better” or “you can do better than what you’re currently doing.” It drives me nuts.

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Financial planning for the dogs

I suppose many people want to read about Cyprus, the sequester, debt limits, and other events that seem very important for a moment or two. There are plenty of people writing about those issues today. I’ll take a break from the commentary and give some advice that can save you a lot of money and provide you a much better life experience.

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