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Can cash really be an ‘investment’?

Cash or cash equivalents like money markets or savings accounts are occasionally considered money “not doing anything” for you. And I don’t blame folks for thinking this way, given that yields on cash are essentially 0% to maybe 0.75% (judging by a cursory review of FDIC options via various online banks).

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Young adults: Avoid these 6 financial mistakes

Most of my clients have children; some are young, working adult children. Some of my clients are young adults as well. Occasionally, clients ask me for tips they can offer their adult kids. I angle my suggestions toward preventing mistakes, because for people of any age, especially young folks, mistakes made today have an exponentially large impact on their lives 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

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16 job-hunting tips for the graduate (or anyone, for that matter)

One of the goals I’ve brought to the courses I’ve taught at the University of Wisconsin Business School’s Graaskamp Center for Real Estate has been helping my students find good jobs. I personally think many students have it all wrong when they try to find work.

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What you need to know about high-frequency trading

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a stock, bond, or other security algorithmic trading model that uses very fast (the fastest) technology to trade in and out of investments. So fast that an HFT model can go in and out of the same security in less than a second. So fast that some HFT firms actually have fiber optic cable connected directly to various market exchanges! I don’t think TDS or Charter offers that yet.

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Why a long-term investment outlook is still important

When markets keep rising, we can forget why a long-term mindset is valuable. In a nutshell, investing over the long term is one of the best ways to minimize short-term equity risk exposures. Market cycles do exist, can be long, and are unpredictable, and if you’re not managing for them, they can have a significant impact — both good and bad — on your portfolio.

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