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Protest marches have an impact: Walker, Republicans sworn in today

Apparently, brunch is a sign of white privilege. The news today from the coasts is that Michael Brown protesters disrupted predominantly white folks having breakfast at selected eateries. (More here.) Nothing like a little liberal guilt with your eggs Benedict. (If only I had cut school and joined the Crips and the Bloods.)

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Blaska predicts all hell to break loose in new year

Backup coach Barry Alvarez and his boys lifted one very large simian off our backs New Year’s Day. The Big Ten (14 and counting) is 5-4 in bowl games this year, with Iowa playing today and one more game by The Ohio State. Beating No. 1 Alabama salves the pain of Wisconsin’s 59-0 thrashing in the conference title game. Take that, SEC!

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An ode to freedom and the defeat of collectivism

Dr. Kenneth Luedtke died last Saturday, Dec. 20, at the age of 84. Ken was my friend and co-conspirator in the Great Conservative Conspiracy. He served two stints as chairman of the Dane County Republican Party, the first in the 1960s when Republicans like Bob Uehling represented the west side of Madison in the State Assembly. Ken founded the Luedtke-Storm-Mackey chiropractic clinics. Leading the state chiropractors association, he got chiropractic covered by health insurance.

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Have a very Noam Chomsky Christmas, you godless, Bolshevik finger puppets!

Christmas has come to the Stately Manor, as it does every year about this time. The indentured servants will be given an afternoon off to gaze at the joyous Christmas tree that brightens the inspirational Hall of Republican Donors. (Commemorative tiles still available. We take PayPal.)

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Fanlund, in Madison’s Funland, resents the rejection of redistributionism

There is so much wrong with Paul Fanlund’s overlong diatribe “No end in sight to Wisconsin’s politics of resentment” that it is difficult to know where to begin. The editor of The Capital Times, “Your Progressive Voice,” is the blind man who describes the elephant after stroking only the tail, then complains about the peanuts.

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