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After losing Tuesday’s election battle, the sore loser Left is fighting the peace

Mary Burke’s concession speech Tuesday night was gracious and conciliatory. Too bad many of her supporters could not take a page from it. Worse, many of the supposed deep thinkers in the party — so thoroughly rebuked in Tuesday’s elections — want to double down on demon rum progressivism, the very elixir that doomed so many Democrats.

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Time for our Democratic acquaintances to come to Jesus

Doing analysis for WMTV-15 on election night, news anchors Leigh Mills and John Stofflet asked if Scott Walker, victorious for the third time in four years, would reach out to Democrats in the Legislature.

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Scott Walker’s re-election today will crazy up the crazies

Will Scott Walker be elected governor of Wisconsin for the third time in four years? The answer is yes. Walker will win because Professor Charles Franklin’s Marquette Law school poll says so — and by the same 7-point margin Walker won the recall election, by the very margin Franklin called then. Walker will win because The Capital Times poll still shows Burke stubbornly ahead.

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Heritage news media is caught Burke-napping

Our winner-take-all political system decrees that some will be winners in Tuesday’s fall elections, others will be losers. The one sure loser is Wisconsin’s mainstream news media. They will be repudiated.

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Mary Burke wants to lead, but just not yet

It is what’s called “posing for holy pictures.” With the election but one week away, Madison school board member Mary Burke voted against a 4.2% tax increase. But she voted in favor of a 2.4% increase in teacher pay. In other words, she was for the teacher pay hike before she was against the budget that would pay for it.

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