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Work hard and create your own luck? What is this? America?

Seen that television ad for Cadillac? A young captain of the universe starts out in Hampton casual clothes admiring his in-ground swimming pool, strides purposefully through his California-modern house, slaps five with an overachieving daughter, hands off his Wall Street Journal to his trophy wife, emerges in a Brioni suit, and gets behind the wheel of his Caddy ELR. All the while he’s addressing his audience through the fourth wall.

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When did progressives declare war on free speech?

Was it in the 1990s, when Donna Shalala’s University of Wisconsin-Madison enacted draconian politically correct speech codes? When professors were forced to defend against anonymous complaints deposited into drop boxes for that very purpose? When the crowd routinely shouted down minority opinions without repercussion?

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Talking Oscar and God, Ukraine and Venezuela, and (not the Seinfeld) Kramer

Just some Monday morning armchair quarterbacking. Enjoyed the Academy Awards show last night. Watched the whole thing. Ellen DeGeneres is a fun presence, although I thought she wilted toward the end. Leonardo DiCaprio wanted none of her pizza. Maybe he had to get the tux back to the rental this morning.

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The grotesque tragedy of the centrally planned economy

The Atlantic magazine may be the best general interest periodical in our language. My criteria are: Take a position, source it well, present it logically, write felicitously, but — this, above all — don’t reinforce the prevailing wisdom. Argue against the grain.

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Wisconsin Act 10 plays New York (@Times)

The Sunday New York Times examined the aftermath of Wisconsin Act 10, the legislation that all but ended collective bargaining for government employees (except police and fire). It is well worth a read. The lengthy article is fairly comprehensive except for a gaping hole in the donut.

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