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Mary Burke to be sworn in as Wisconsin governor*

Extra! Extra! Read all aboud-it! There’s good news in the parallel universe of Emerald City, land of infinite entitlement, moral superiority, and permanent protest. All mimsy were ye borogoves inside the liberal-progressive-socialist bubble!

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Poopin’ in the chambers, junking up city hall, and calling ‘stupid’

And they say Scott Walker is stupid because he didn’t finish college. Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances said the same thing about Dubya and he had degrees from Harvard and Yale. Voters, clinging to their guns and religion, are stupid for electing them. But the Republican Party does not run Madison’s City-County Building.

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The redistributionist ideology needs victims

As then-Milwaukee county executive Scott Walker would say, Molotov! The resisting-arrest shooting in Ferguson and the bogus rape at the University of Virginia fraternity house are two fronts in the redistributionists’ war on America.

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DeForest cop asks why he is hated for ‘color of his uniform’

Maybe 100 protestors stood outside the Kohl Center on the UW-Madison campus after the Badger-Duke basketball game last week supporting the “hands up, don’t shoot” storyline out of Ferguson, Mo.

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Crimes of poverty, lapses in logic, bad cigars, and worse football

59-0! My control here at In Business, Tom Breuer, asks, “So do you have Big Ten Championship PTSD as well?” Yes, debilitatingly so. I expect further humiliation at the hands of Auburn on New Year’s Day, followed by an invitation to join the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference to replace UW-Superior.

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