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Crossing the lines: Redistricting is not the real reason for state Republicans’ staggering success

If Republicans are “actually a party driven by WMC, the Club for Growth, the Koch brothers, and ... social-issue extremists,” as the editor of The Capital Times postulated on May 6, how is it that they keep winning elections? For, says the progressive editor, “their success is staggering.” The staggered editor forgot ALEC, Fox News, and talk radio. Creating hobgoblins is one way the political left delegitimizes elections it loses. Another tactic is to complain about being outspent (except when Tammy Baldwin and Barack Obama are doing the outspending). The third is to pretend Republicans win elections thanks to gerrymandering.

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Milverstedt and the craft of freedom, guns, and motorcycles (Plus: Hell breaks out in Meadowood)

Fred Milverstedt says we met back in 1978 when he was flacking for self-made (and later, unmade) millionaire David Carley, who was running in the Democratic primary for governor at the time. The political gig was a brief stop on the Milverstedt life tour — one of his many gigs, some of them actually successful. FritzderKat is one of those legendary Madison figures. To achieve legendary status requires an absence from the main stage, and for the past dozen years Fred has resided in a suburb of Minneapolis. A woman, of course. But legend also requires accomplishment — accomplishment achieved in spectacular (or at least notorious) fashion.

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Downton Abbey, don’t waste Paul Giamatti! Use him for evil!

Paul Giamatti, one of my favorite actors, will join the cast of Downton Abbey, it has been announced. I had sworn off the highbrow British series after it so heartlessly killed off heir-presumptive Matthew Crawley in the final scene of Season 3. (The actor decided to leave the series.)

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Vicki McKenna, friend and freedom fighter, is a perfect (13)ten

Engineers at the Stately Manor’s systems command center activated the air-chilling mechanisms for the first time this year — making it more difficult to bark instructions to the indentured field hands laboring in the lush Experimental Farm gardens, the windows being closed. We have had more rain in the last three days than in all of June 2012, when drought and 90-degree temperatures tried men’s souls.

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Free choice survives the Madison Common Council and (barely) the Wisconsin Senate

This just in: Dale Schultz can join Brett Hulsey in the independent caucus. Cue Fleetwood Mac: You can go your own way! And that way would be the highway. If I am Scott Fitzgerald, I change the locks on the Senate GOP caucus room and order 17 (not 18) new keys. You don’t vote with the opposition against your party’s annual budget and remain in good standing.

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