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Why does our district attorney let criminals off with a mere slap on the wrist?

Madison will never get a handle on its quality of life issues until it gets over its race guilt. That is some of the baggage that comes with professing the progressive faith. It results in its own kind of racism, the soft racism of low expectations, of excusing the inexcusable, of double standards that hurt both victim and aggressor.

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Trade Ryan Braun away

I want to grab Ryan Braun by the head, kiss him full on the mouth, and tell him, “You broke my heart. You broke my heart.” His pathetic acknowledgement of guilt is Nixonian in its passive tone. Hand caught in the cookie jar, he only “now” realizes he has “made some mistakes.” He apologizes to anyone he “may have disappointed.” It wasn’t enough he beat the rap on the pee sample through a technicality; he had to sup at the performance-enhancing drug bar.

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Phil is flying high, we’re flying low (plus Trayvon and Martin)

The Stately Manor on Sunday morning echoed with the cries of “PHIL!” Lefty’s surprise win in the (British) Open has lifted spirits here at World Headquarters for the Blaska Policy Research Center and Tanning Booth. The Squire and his doyenne popped champagne corks and granted the indentured servants an extra salt pill in their daily rations. Phil looks like he’s having fun. He plays the game of golf with brio; he fist-bumps his fans, he succors his family.

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Scott Walker’s economic miracle has begun; did anyone notice?

Does one detect a note of schadenfreude among the partisans who note that Scott Walker may not achieve his goal of fostering the creation of 250,000 jobs in his first four years? Make that “unrestrained glee” in the case of The Capital Times, the unofficial mouthpiece of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. If Wisconsin’s economic ranking drops two places in the International Socialist rankings, the partisan content provider sends sound trucks blaring the message through village and countryside.

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Who are these masked marauders?

Can State Sen. Bob Jauch and Rep. Janet Bewley guarantee that no eco-terrorist will try to harm the employees or property of the Gogebic Taconite iron-mining site in northern Wisconsin’s Penokee Range? If not, then deterrence will do more to protect life and property than the pious palaver of the two Democrats. (“Jauch and Bewley deride G-Tac security measures.”)

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