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Did Iron County just vote for iron mining, 5-2?

It is the first election since the G-Tach iron mine was given the go-ahead for exploratory drilling. In a county that rarely sees contested elections for its county board, Iron County had eight. The race was enlivened by an Americans for Prosperity mailing that accused anti-mining challengers of being environmental extremists.

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Two more years in the wilderness for Dane County conservatives

There is no lipstick garish enough to disguise the net loss of one more conservative on the Dane County Board. Tuesday’s election saw my friend Dave Wiganowski go down to defeat in a district that had been gerrymandered for that purpose.

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Silence of the news media lambs abets slaughter of civil liberties

Still waiting for one Wisconsin editorial page, one good government goo-goo to speak out against the secret and partisan witch hunt trying to undo what was done in the ballot box: get Scott Walker at any cost.

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Madison remains peaceful (and inspired!) after white privilege conference

For real, I was exhausted Sunday after Saturday night’s Bo and Co.’s epic battle with the Arizona hoopsters. One point! I’d be a wreck. Wait a minute, I AM a wreck. Charles Barkley is barely articulate but manages to say more than most commentators. He got it right by switching his allegiance to Bucky and drawing up a chalkboard at halftime, with the Badgers down, that read: “Kaminsky, Kaminsky, Kaminsky.”

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That tax increase? It’s only temporary (for now)

The check is in the mail. I’ll still love you tomorrow. Barack Obama has drawn a line in the sand. Some lies are so obvious that all but a fool can see them coming a mile away. To the fools, the deceptively wise Gomer Pyle, gas pump philosopher of Mayberry, offered these words of consolation: “Surprise, surprise.”

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