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Koch Brothers take over Philadelphia schools!

They’re everywhere! A Capital Newspapers Inc. reader reports Burke yard signs stolen on Madison’s east side, names Koch Brothers as persons of interest. Now the Brothers Koch (including hideously deformed brother Alec) have taken over the Philadelphia public schools.

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Mary Burke may not be leading*, but she emanates like crazy

About that full-page cover of the Sept. 24 Burke Weekly Times, dominated by the strong and warm one herself over a headline ballyhooing “Mary Burke is winning*.” Never mind. After further review, it appears that a key ingredient in a “complex statistical model developed for The Capital Times” is GIGO* (*garbage in, garbage out).

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‘The [Democratic] Senate leader didn’t like leaving anything to chance or … to the voters’

It is a most beautiful part of the state, especially at this time of year — the farm and hill country of southwest Wisconsin. But the stench arising from the 17th District state Senate primary on the Democrat(ic) Party ballot may reach across the state.

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Intrepid Koch-head offends Madison’s left on Willy Street

It was an encounter of the Third or Fourth Kind. An irascible conservative, self-confessed gun nut, and Walker supporter (all in the same corpus) appeared at a liberal-progressive-socialist gabfest on Madison’s Willy Street Friday night like a job recruiter at an Occupy demonstration.

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Madison genuflects at Tomb of the Unidentified Voter

Rumor (which I am starting here) is that the Emerald City will erect a new monument to replace Nail’s Tails outside Camp Randall: the Tomb of the Unidentified Voter. Yes, Voter ID still has our (you know what) acquaintances in a paranoid snit.

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