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Feb 18, 201309:15 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Tuesday is Election Day: Justice Ann Walsh Bradley can unlock her doors

Tuesday is Election Day: Justice Ann Walsh Bradley can unlock her doors

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Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Land shark.

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Election Day in Wisconsin. A struggling young writer named Christian Schneider first limned that line, and it’s true – unless we get zapped by a surprise comet. Two races merit our attention.

First is the primary election for state supreme court. Justice Patience Roggensack, with 17 years of experience on the bench, is running for re-election. She is opposed by Marquette law prof Ed Fallone and Milwaukee private practice attorney Vince Megna. Neither of those two have been a judge anywhere, unless there’s a chili cook-off we don’t know about.

Megna is running as a partisan Democrat in a nonpartisan race. So much for respecting the rules of the game. At least Megna is honest. Fallone pretends to be the great conciliator, a peacemaker sans politics who would stop the infighting on the high court.

In truth, Fallone is running a stealth campaign. The man is a standard-issue progressive, probably to the left of Megna. How else does he collect the endorsements of the statewide teacher unions, AFSCME, Madison Teachers Inc., the Service Employees International Union, and The Capital Times? Ed Fallone would be the fourth vote against Walker’s Act 10 collective bargaining reforms.

Civility on the court is an issue only when the progs have an opportunity to pick up a seat. Which explains why liberal justice Ann Walsh Bradley released a document claiming Justice David Prosser has a “history of abusive behavior” and denouncing Roggensack as his “enabler.”

Supposedly, AWB so fears for her safety that she wheedled a special court safety plan out of Capitol police. (More here.) That she should make it public only on the eve of an election is itself suspicious. So is the fact that Justice Roggensack and several female employees of the court are unaware of said plan, as is a captain of the Capitol police.

So, we are led to believe, Walsh Bradley goes to the Capitol police chief (now working elsewhere) and says, “Help me! I’m so scared!” Chief listens patiently, detects a certain amount of hysteria, and replies, “Tell you what, Madame Justice, lock your doors at night.” W-B cries, “But I’m still scared.” Chief says, “Tell you what, Madame Justice, here is my home phone number.”

Now, it could have happened just that way, although no one else on the force seems aware of it. Lock your doors? Mother could have suggested that. And why would a Capitol police officer give a home phone number when there’s always someone on duty, close at hand, in the Capitol itself?

Sing it with Charlie Rich: “Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

What? Democrats politicking in nonpartisan races?

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Today’s must read: Jack Craver reports that Madison School Board President James Howard cannot understand why the Dane County Democratic Party would get involved in a nonpartisan school board election. (Read it and weep.)

The white lab coats at the Policy Werkes ran it through our Univac computer and it came out like this: Mr. Howard, you voted for the Urban League’s proposed non-union charter school. The teachers union controls the Democrat(ic) party. You crossed the teachers union. They will make you pay. That’s how they play it in the People’s Republic.

His opponent Greg Packnett is a professional Democrat. He works as a legislative aide for two Democrat legislators and serves on the local Dems’ executive board.

However, that race won’t be decided until the general election on April 2. No, the school board race deserving our attention this week is a three-way primary involving T.J. Mertz. He has been endorsed by Progressive Dane and the American Federation of Teachers. He also won a straw poll of local Democrats – so you know the status quo has nothing to fear.

The second candidate is Sarah Manski, who works with her husband, Ben Manski, in the far-left Liberty Tree Foundation, which helped organize last week’s “Shut [up?] [down?] the Chamber” demonstration, which resulted in vandalism to the WMC headquarters.

No, the pick here is Ananda Mirilli, a native of Brazil, former board member of Nuestro Mundo Community School, and treasurer of Latino Education Council and Unidos Against Domestic Violence.

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