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Verona succumbed to the Capitol protests in 2012

Barely a year had passed since the massive protests on Madison’s Capitol Square over Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms. April 2012 was hardly a propitious time to run as a conservative in Dane County. In that spring election, conservative representation on the 37-member Dane County Board — as late as 1996 a majority — had been reduced to a lonely eight.

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Go, Brett Hulsey, go!

Say what you will about Brett Hulsey (and the John Cusack movie "Say Anything" suggests itself), the man is interesting. And he’s no dummy. In announcing his candidacy for governor Monday, he made the intelligent choice. He could not get re-elected from his State Assembly seat here in Madison after his bizarre behavior of the past couple years.

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Verona fights back against the progressives

Nicknamed “Hometown USA,” the city of Verona is said to house more state employees per capita than Madison, just up U.S. Highway 151. Not long ago, progressives — mostly newcomers — came down that road to ambush longtime city leaders and take over Verona government, much to everyone’s surprise. In this April 1 spring election, the citizens of Verona took back their community.

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Madison’s Landmarks Commission is the triumph of progressivism

Dave Cieslewicz may not be right, but he is correct. Once endorsed by Progressive Dane, Mr. C. is beginning to get the big picture: The City of Madison’s Landmarks Commission is an undemocratic, anti-people disgrace. Yes, this bureaucracy is an exemplar of high progressivism.

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Diversity, but not of thought or speech

It is gratifying that voices more amplified than your humble Squire’s wheezing squeeze box are beginning to sound the same alarm: that so-called progressives are doing their damnedest to stymie free speech. These electronic pages have chronicled the Hate-Walker crowd shouting down conservative speakers on the Capitol grounds, protesters attempting to shut down a bank on the Capitol Square (some of its executives had donated to Walker’s campaign), Mayor Soglin demanding ideological purity as a condition for doing business with the City of Madison, and the general mau-mauing of minority opinions hereabouts. Aside from Miss Vicki, who else in Greater Madison has spoken out for free speech?

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