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Dane County’s latest social experiment: race-based justice?

Dane County’s progressives are more afraid of being called racist than of being mugged. The Wisconsin State Journal, an honest source of news, led off its story this way: "Some of Dane County’s troubling problems with inequality in the criminal justice system could be offset by new initiatives to funnel more African-American suspects into special courts aimed at rehabilitation, officials say."

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Mad science: DNR tiff is latest example of educrats trying to seize more power

Early this year, a Republican state legislator wrote a law that virtually guaranteed that a single organization would qualify for a $500,000 grant to promote hunting and fishing. The grant was rescinded after the Walker administration learned that the group did not have proper tax-exempt status. More proof to Spencer Black, that most partisan of Democrats, that the Department of Natural Resources must be “insulated from politics,” as he wrote last month.

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Obamacare’s error message is a pre-existing condition

Welcome to those of you unintentionally redirected here from the Obamacare website.* How ya doin’? The family? Wanna play Angry Birds? Click “Like” if you sense our progressive acquaintances jumping off the derailing train. Oops, there goes former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

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At first there was nothing, and then Blaska blogged about it

The Smithsonian magazine arrived at the Stately Manor today. My feckless manservant, Ruben Mamoulian, had already removed the insert cards as instructed. Those cards annoy me so. The November issue chronicles 101 objects from “the nation’s attic” deemed especially evocative of this great nation’s history. One of those items (which include the last passenger pigeon, stuffed, and a Barbie doll) is Neil Armstrong’s lunar-landing spacesuit: “21 layers of synthetics, neoprene rubber, and metalized polyester film.”

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Good Jobs First does a good job snowing a (usually) good reporter

The Blaska Policy Research Center and Tanning Salon is a nonpartisan think tank housed in the dank and cobwebbed basement of Stately Blaska Manor. It is nonprofit and regrettably so. (Bradley Foundation donations gladly accepted.)

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