Applied Mindfulness

with Ed Maxwell


Quit social media

If the mere idea of quitting social media gives you what teens refer to as FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” listen up. Cal Newport makes an excellent case that you’ll be coming out ahead in his book Deep Work.

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How to produce like Bill Gates: Take a dive into deep work

This kind of work requires the utmost concentration and pushes you to your limit. However, it improves your skill, adds much value, and is hard to imitate.

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How to use mindfulness to improve innovation

Practicing mindfulness might not come to mind when one thinks of innovation. However, mindfulness isn’t about shutting off thoughts. Instead, it’s about breaking old, unproductive patterns of thinking.

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Bias cuts into the bottom line

A lack of diversity and inclusion initiatives not only increases costs but also decreases the potential for revenue growth.

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How to win together: What Google learned about successful teams

Over the past five years, Google conducted a deep dive into what makes the most effective teams. What they discovered will likely come as a surprise to many — psychological confidence is the key indicator of successful teams.

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