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Blaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Election junkies feast on junk food news

Hillary is a man, baby! My source is even more reliable than international man of mystery Austin Powers. Now you know what the lamestream media won’t tell you about this hermaphroditic Democrat. Start tweeting now.

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Financial Perspectives

with Michael Dubis, CFP

Do you have an investment philosophy?

Many people invest based on rhetoric, stories, or simply emotional reactions. This often leads to bad outcomes and it’s why so many people do so poorly when they invest.


Inside Wisconsin

with Tom Still

What's the safest way to transport crude oil?

With a constancy that goes unnoticed by most people, crude and refined oil flows past us every minute, hour, and day.


Leader to Leader

with Terry Siebert

When it comes to recession mentality, don’t always listen to the voices in your head

This is an old story with a powerful message.


Mind Your Business

with Corey Chambas

Are you planting seeds for growth within your organization?

I marvel at old trees. Especially the giant oaks we have around the Madison area. I’m lucky because I get to see them in the country when I’m out biking and also when I’m walking around town.


The Bottom Line

with contributors from Associated Bank

Why the final changes to wage and hour law may have you crying 'uncle'

After much anticipation and speculation, the final regulations changing the salary basis test for determining exemption status have arrived. Among other changes, the final regulations have more than doubled the amount that employees must minimally be paid in order to be considered exempt. This is no small matter, as it is anticipated that millions of currently exempt employees will be affected.


Law at Work

with Jessica M. Kramer

If I terminate an employee after a 90-day probationary period, do I still have to pay unemployment insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, a probationary status has no bearing on whether an employer has to pay. Whether an employer plans on having its employee work for a week, a month, or long-term, the employer is required to pay unemployment insurance on that employee and may be liable for benefits that employee later draws if he or she becomes unemployed. Aside from a very few special exceptions, employers with one or more employees (part-time or full-time) are subject to unemployment insurance laws.



with Spencer X. Smith

3 social media tips you can use today

Why does Twitter bleed cash while Facebook prints money? Why should you care?

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Mad @ Mgmt

with Walter Simson

The checklist manifesto for business

Here’s a little survival tip for consultants. Do NOT suggest that a middle market company adopt a new procedure. No one likes new procedures. By extension they do not like consultants who bring up new procedures.


Taking Stock

with Nathan Brinkman

What every entrepreneur’s business plan should consider

For any entrepreneur, owning your own business is something you’ve always dreamed of. And to have the opportunity to achieve that goal with your best friend (and in this case, brother) is the cherry on top of the sundae. What you don’t plan for is to watch that sundae melt away on the sidewalk outside your office.


Legal Login

with Mindi Giftos and Andrew Schlidt

Is your company capturing the benefits of collaborative R&D?

A new report by the Industrial Research Institute in Washington, D.C. forecasts that global research and development (R&D) spending will increase by 3.5% in 2016 and reach nearly $2 trillion in value. About one quarter of the spend ($514 billion) will occur in the United States, with the remainder primarily in Asia and Europe.


Open Mic

Send us your blog for consideration!

Turn stress from an enemy into a friend

It’s 10 a.m., and your to-do list hasn’t shrunk. In fact, you’ve only added to it since the emails and calls started rolling in. Make stress your friend? It’s the enemy you can’t escape!


The Gray Area

with Donna Gray

10 tips for a better work-life balance

In her book, Never Check E-Mail in the Morning, Julie Morgenstern says, “According to Harvard economist Juliet Schor, the average American works 163 additional hours, or one month a year, more today than in 1969.”


Transportation Matters

with Craig Thompson

Businesses and local governments agree — Wisconsin roads suck

Over the past several weeks, the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin hosted community discussions about local transportation concerns. We held sessions in La Crosse, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Janesville, and Wausau.

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